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With over 40 years of experience, Mida is an insurance brokerage firm that offers clients consulting on insurance and other types of risk, through an integrated system and its own network of strategic alliances, all directed towards change and innovation.

The Mida approach


Assistance for your business

Enterprises concentrate their resources and energy on their own business, avoiding and/or eliminating the impact of unforeseen events. Our insurance is aimed at assisting enterprises in achieving their goals.


Management of risks and opportunities

Insurance strategy is an economic and financial tool for transforming safety issues into fixed costs, and releasing capital. Proper management transforms risks into opportunities.


Business partner

Mida acts as your partner, sharing the most delicate decisions in terms of security and development strategies. Mida, a business partner to insure the future.

Insurance plans according to Mida


Analysis of production processes: efficiency and competitiveness depend on production processes. Mida analyses such processes with the aim of neutralizing areas at most risk, through “Risk Process Analysis.”


As a consequence of the analysis of the production processes, the management of company risk reflects the company’s own strategies.


MIDA analyses and evaluates the “company system” in terms of its relations with internal and external stakeholders.

Why choose Mida?

      • Commitment oriented towards change
      • Passion and creativity
      • Search for quality and innovation
      • Simplicity and praticality to meet expectations
      • Flexibility and integration of skills
      • Sharing of project methods

Our strategic partners