Risk Management Consulting

With over 40 years of experience, Mida is an insurance brokerage firm that offers clients consulting on insurance and other types of risk, through an integrated system and its own network of strategic alliances, all directed towards change and innovation.

Mida performs Risk Management activities to identify risks and insurance programs. We do not operate as a traditional broker; we provide support to companies in all insurance-related areas through our own strategic alliances.

History and tradition



Arca, the first Italian insurance broker, is founded by Michele Arculeo.


Arca changes its corporate structure with the presence of 12 of the most important cooperative banks (Banche Popolari) in the Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna regions (2,000 branches), and is among the first to launch Bancassicurazioni (Bankinsurance) in Italy. This experience ended in 1996 due to the changes in the Italian banking system.


Mida is established, founded by Michele Arculeo with his son Davide, as the continuation of the historical activity in the form of a Family Company.

Distinctive Characteristics

A certified partner, with great technical know-how

  • ISO 9001/2015 certification
  • Ethics Code
  • Important technical know-how
  • Preferential, high-quality assistance
  • High level of client loyalty
  • We operate based on a letter of appointment from the client (insurance brokerage mandate)
  • High level of computerization
  • We work with leading national and international insurance groups
  • Present throughout Italy (placing in the top 80 of 1500 brokers) directly or through the Italian Brokers Consortium network (10th largest Italian insurance group)
  • Present internationally directly or through the Uniba network, that covers 120 countries worldwide
  • Consolidated, top level strategic alliances for insurance-related activities