Michele Arculeo
Michele ArculeoChairman
Michele Arculeo has been a broker since 1972, when he founded Arca, the company which was “historically” the first in the sector in Italy. He has led the company for 25 years, first as the Chairman and then as the Managing Director, in partnership since 1988 with the GPA Group and the Cooperative Banks of the Northeast Arca Group. Upon conclusion of the bankinsurance experience in 1996, he founded Mida with his son Davide, with the aim of operating in the sector through an integrated system of global consulting.
Davide Arculeo
Davide ArculeoManaging Director
After graduating with a degree in Political Science in the field of business economics from the State University of Milan, he began his work experience in 1994 with the international broker WBA Srl. He later joined the bankinsurance broker BPM Gpa with technical and sales duties. In 1996 he founded Mida Srl with his father Michele, where he now holds the position of Managing Director and Director of Development and Marketing.
He is a member of the Board of Governors of the Italian Insurance Brokers Association (AIBA).
He is also a Board Member of Eurodefi (Professional club of tax, legal & finance advisers).
Stefano Agnesi
Stefano AgnesiBoard Member – Director of Operational Areas
Stefano Agnesi graduated with a degree in Management Engineering and a Cineas Master in Risk Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan. At Mida, he has headed the Technical and the Large Clients Division since 2001. He has overseen the creation and refinement of Ripra® e Strim®, tools used for risk management at companies and for the management of their insurance issues. Since 2006 he has been a member of the Board of Directors and Partner. He is the Vice Chairman of the Management Board of the Italian Brokers Assistance Fund (Casbi) and a Board Member of the Cineas Students Association (ASC).